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Data Driven Decisions Based On Real-Time Information

Technology is driving decisions across all industries, and healthcare is no exception.

Data driven decisions based on real-time information can transform the patient experience.

Hospital and health system leaders are re-imagining their business practices to improve patient care, streamline processes, and develop new technology strategies for margin improvement.

Both clinical and business decisions must be data driven in order to optimize outcomes. Health systems are shifting their focus to invest in new technologies which coincide with their strategic vision. Investment in AI and automated business processes is also rising.[1]

A renewed focus on patient centered care

Patient and family engagement coupled with a keen understanding of patient needs and values are the underlying pillars of patient centered care. By utilizing technology and data driven practices, hospitals and health system leaders can gain valuable insight into the patient experience.

What methods are currently available to gather that vital data from the patient’s perspective?

  • HCAHPS surveys deliver patient satisfaction feedback, but are only available post discharge.
  • Online reviews do not always elicit verified information and often express the most extreme opinions (positive and negative).
  • Web based healthcare rating sites don’t provide specific details.

Most patients or families want to express their views regarding the care provided, given the opportunity.

As they maneuver through the healthcare journey at your hospital, they encounter numerous processes, providers, nurses, frontline employees and experiences.

Each of these encounters influences their “opinion” of a hospital and the care that is provided. A hospital’s reputation is built on these “opinions.”

A hospital’s reputation is built on the ‘‘opinions’’ of patient encounters, with processes, providers, frontline employees and the patient experience. Share on X

Patients are sick, often in pain, and feel vulnerable. Those patients and their families want the following from their healthcare provider:

  • The best possible care and answers to their questions.
  • Answers to their questions.
  • To be heard and feel respected.

A key component of hearing and respecting the patient’s voice, is the gathering of data in real time.

New technologies mean that data can be collected from patients or family members throughout the healthcare journey, to offer an illuminating platform for executive leadership.

VIE Healthcare Consulting, a leader in cost reduction initiatives and innovation since 1999, has developed a unique app that can be provided to patients and families upon admission.

iSUGEZT empowers patients and families by giving them a tool to provide immediate feedback to hospital leadership.

With iSUGEZT, your patients:

  • Feel more valued, especially when you respond to their feedback and take action.
  • Connect with decision makers instantly.
  • Feel more valued with the opportunity to offer praise and suggestions for improvement in your hospital.
  • Have a unique, confidential space to voice negative feedback and concerns.
  • Have no standard survey questions – only patient/family generated data is acquired.

Hospital leaders gain immediate access to this data and can respond promptly, as required.

Additionally, VIE Healthcare can aggregate this data for your organization, providing a broad overview, together with specific details of patient and family experiences. This invaluable insight can be shared with both managers and frontline employees, or on your hospital’s website, with the permission of your patients.

Discover the data driven power of iSUGEZT

In summary:

The iSUGEZT platform will highlight:

  • Patient stories and suggestions.
  • Provider and staff gestures of kindness, compassion and caring.
  • Areas of concern, and needed process change.

iSUGEZT provides immediate access to information at the point of care, allowing you to make data driven decisions prior to patient discharge.

iSUGEZT will increase your HCAHPS scores, while promoting patient and family engagement.

iSUGEZT offers your hospital the ability to pro-actively perform process recovery before online reviews reflect negative situations.

iSUGEZT will enhance your hospital reputation as a provider who listens and respects input from patients and families.

iSUGEZT is the data driven tool that will transform your patient-provider relationship and make a difference in the patient experience.

[1] https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/investment-ai-growing-health-systems-look-future