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Customer Reviews Bring Innovation to Healthcare

iSUGEZT bridges the gap between patient feedback and healthcare executives allowing hospitals to:

Improve Performance

Retain Patients

Reduce Costs

Improve The Patient Experience

Increase HCAHPS Scores and Reimbursement

iSUGEZT connects you with your patients – in real-time.

  • Your patients are your biggest ambassadors, your frontline advisors in today’s tech-savvy world.
  • Over half of patients expect hospitals and healthcare organizations to respond to their reviews but two thirds receive no response at all.
  • Nine out of ten patients avoid a hospital if they read a negative review online, especially if that negative review has been written by someone they know.
  • Not all patients want to express their views on public sites even when their experience has been positive or fallen short of expectations, but they still want to be heard.

iSUGEZT improves HCAPS Scores –

  • The iSUGEZT App can be used anywhere throughout the patient’s journey.
  • Real-time feedback helps Hospitals act on issues that can reduce HCAHPS scores.
  • Know where you have issues and need to improve staff efficiency.
  • Gain valuable insight from your patients and staff to improve the patient experience and
  • iSUGEZT immediately impacts the entire patient journey TODAY and TOMORROW

iSUGEZT combines the power of the patient voice and data analytics to provide a platform where your hospital can respond to praise, trends and/or potentially negative reviews before they become public.

helps patients share feedback
in real time privately with their healthcare providers.

The Pro-Active Path to Patient Satisfaction

With iSUGEZT, your patients:

  • Feel more valued, especially when you respond to their feedback and take action.
  • Connect with decision makers instantly. 
  • Feel good about praising and offering suggestions to make things better. 
  • Have a unique space to voice negative feedback and concerns in a private setting. 

What would happen if everything about healthcare was smarter?

iSUGEZT empowers your hospital or healthcare organization to;

  • Impact the patient experience before they leave the hospital.
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores.
  • Deliver feedback in real-time.
  • Boost your culture and employee retention through positive feedback and praise.
  • Provide real-time insights for your innovation team. 

iSUGEZT is the perfect vehicle for a hospital CEO who really cares about their frontline feedback.

By using iSUGEZT, your patients will be confident knowing their suggestions are reaching a decision maker, rather than someone in a more junior social media role who may not know how to respond or offer reassurance.

iSUGEZT – Transforming the Reactive into Real-Time Resolutions and Responses

iSUGEZT provides your hospital or healthcare organization with real-time feedback from friends, family members and patients who are visiting or being treated in your environment. That feedback allows you to pro-actively respond and improve the patient experience before they leave the hospital.

How it works

iSUGEZT provides a platform for your patients to:


Share an idea or an innovative suggestion that doesn’t currently exist.


Provide feedback to improve an existing product, service or experience.


Share an challenge or problem you encountered that you would like to see resolved.


Praise for great service, experience or a job well done.

Transformation in Real-Time

  • Research suggests that 7 out of 10 issues never reach the executive level from the front line.
  • iSUGEZT empowers your hospital to be on the frontline of change. 
  • Join the iSUGEZT movement and respond to your patients and customers in real-time.

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Make a suggestion that reaches healthcare decision makers rather than a complaint that goes unheard



Share an idea or an innovative suggestion that doesn’t currently exist.

Family and friends often face an anxious waiting period while patients are in surgery. iSUGEZT connects you with hospital executives in real-time to recommend charging stations for your tablets and cellphones while you wait.



Share a challenge or problem you encountered that you would like to see resolved.

A less than pristine hospital bathroom causes distress and negative reviews. Submit your idea for more frequent bathroom checks to prevent further business loss through iSUGEZT.



Provide feedback to improve an existing product, service or experience.

During a hospital stay, something as simple as understanding how to use the television in your room and order meals can be helped by a demonstration from nursing staff. iSUGEZT offers you a platform to make that suggestion.



Praise for great service, experience or a job well done.

Losing personal belongings can be stressful during a hospital stay but a nurse or hospital executive who takes the initiative and commits their time to locate or replace them deserves your praise through iSUGEZT.